GooseVPN Review


GooseVPN is one of the newest VPN services on the market and can easily be classed under the ‘newcomers with promise’ bracket. A service based in the Netherlands, GooseVPN has not been around long enough yet to be classed as a true competitor to the VPN big dogs, but the early start of GooseVPN has proved to be incredibly promising.

The service is already offering some of the major features and is even going a step beyond what some of the big VPN services offer, like the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices under a single GooseVPN plan.

Speed & Performance

GooseVPN has only just started building up their server count, but already, users are offered quite an exceptional range of countries and locations to choose from. The VPN has 114+ servers and IP addresses, and already offers servers in more that 63 locations spanning 28 different countries.

Users can choose from play servers, designed for access to international media, and there are also P2P servers in operation, allowing for peer to peer connections. Apps can be downloaded to multiple devices, including Windows, IOS, Mac, and Android, and like many of the main VPN networks, no bandwidth throttling is also an added feature. The performance of GooseVPN is already very strong, with an average user rating of 9.1.

Security & Anonymity

There are a few attractive security and anonymity features in place with GooseVPN, including the zero-logging policy, which is something that almost all VPN users single out as a must-have feature. GooseVPN also offers safe browsing, encrypted data, and of course, the ability to change IP addresses.

All encryption on GooseVPN is military grade, using 256-bit encryption with DHE-2048 forward security, and for windows users, the ability to activate the kill switch. Overall, the VPN encryption is comprehensive enough to be appealing to most security-conscious users.

User Friendliness

GooseVPN values simplicity in its apps, making the process easy to use for newcomers. The VPN access is easy, once the apps have been downloaded, and features a three-step process whereby the user selects a server, flips the on switch, and is ready to surf the net securely.

The straightforward app installation and an unlimited device connection make GooseVPN a top choice for those who enjoy simple but secure browsing. For additional user assistance, there is also 24/7 support for all customers.


GooseVPN seem to have stepped up to the intense VPN competition and made quite an impact, despite being new to the market. The VPN offers a great experience for newcomers and for those that are not looking for an extensive range of features, just quick, secure internet access, and access to international streaming.

There are multiple packages to choose from for the GooseVPN service, which nicely reflect what they have to offer users. If you’re not sure about signing up to GooseVPN and taking advantage of their reduced-price 1-year subscription, then you can even check out the VPN through their free trial option.

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