Private Internet Access Review


The Private Internet Access VPN service has made a name for itself as one of the largest VPN server networks around. The VPN offers users access to more than 3062 servers in 28 countries, covering 6 different continents. Through Private Internet Access, you can browse websites anonymously, hide your IP, bypass region filters, and protect privacy online.

High-speed, security, and advanced features are all on offer on Private Internet Access, as one of the leading anonymous VPN services. Anonymity is a key feature, making Private Internet Access a go-to VPN for users after advanced security, and the ability to stay as anonymous as possible online.

Speed & Performance

A secure Private Internet Access VPN account allows the user to enjoy unlimited bandwidth on the 3062+ servers and utilise the multiple VPN gateways. As soon as you sign up to Private Internet Access, you instantly receive links to download the various Private Internet Access apps on a host of different clients. These include all the main clients, like IOS and Windows, as well as access to additional clients, like Chrome.

Control over the Private Internet Access VPN is fairly extensive, offering different protocols, like OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP, and the option to establish remote and local ports. Speed is also a top priority, with European and US servers enjoying a high VPN speed. For high-speed connection in the UK and USA, Private Internet Access is a safe VPN to opt for, with gigabit VPN port speeds.

Security & Anonymity

The security of the Private Internet Access VPN service begins with the no traffic log policy, and extends to the blocking of malware, trackers, and ads. The WIFI is encrypted, SOCKS5 proxy is included, and there are various anonymous VPN tunnel gateways to choose from.

The importance of anonymity when using Private Internet Access is clear throughout many of the features. Not only are users guaranteed anonymous browsing with P2P support, unlimited bandwidth, and the large number of server locations available, but the plans on Private Internet Access can also be purchased anonymously using gift cards, along with standard payments and certain cryptocurrency payments.

User Friendliness

Private Internet Access apps are very easy to use, and the website is simple and straightforward to navigate. All the information you need is on hand, and the instant set-up makes Private Internet Access a top choice for those unfamiliar with VPN Services.

Users can connect to the Private Internet Access VPN with up to 5 devices at once, get support when needed through the website, and enjoy instant account activation. In many ways, Private Internet Access have made their VPN as easy as possible to use for the whole family.


Private Internet Access is one of the most affordable VPN services online, which may seem surprising considering the extensive range of features that they offer their users. A quick summary of Private Internet Access would be that it is easy to use, fast, and affordable, but it’s also advanced, making it attractive to all types of VPN user.

The downside to Private Internet Access is that there is no free trial to give you chance to decide if the service is right for you. However, as a low-cost VPN service, taking the plunge and giving it a try is still an affordable option.

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