NordVPN Review


NordVPN is considered to be one of the best secure networks in the world, being highly popular with individuals concerned about online privacy and those who enjoy the benefits of international streaming. The VPN was founded in 2008, and is located in Panama, which is a country that doesn’t require information to be shared on logging.

Operated by Tefincom co S.A, NordVPN offers many key features that has enabled it to become a leading provider of VPN services. The VPN has a built-in kill switch, allows for IP hiding, and has DNS leak protection. Users benefit from browser proxy extension, onion over VPN, and SmartPlay streaming. The VPN also boasts an advanced double encryption that is capable of providing exceptional security for its users.

Speed & Performance

NordVPN users benefit from an incredibly high speed and performance, with NordVPN normally being regarded as offering the fastest VPN available on the market. Users can choose from in excess of 4200 worldwide servers that are located in 62 counties, covering all but one continent – Antarctica.

This extensive number of servers helps deliver the high performance and speed that NordVPN users are accustom to. Unlimited bandwidth, continuous software investment, and secure servers, all help to boost the overall speed and performance offered by NordVPN.

Security & Anonymity

Many of the features of NordVPN are tailored towards heightened security, with the double encryption and military-grade encryptions being key features of the VPN. The double VPN allows users to hide their data behind multiple tunnels. This provides added IP address security, as the IP is hidden from the first of the two servers. With NordVPN, connections change between TCP and UDP, for even further security.

Additional security features also make NordVPN a wise consideration for people wary of online privacy. A prominent feature on NordVPN is the CyberSec feature. By using this feature, any potential cyber threats, like malware, are instantly blocked.

User Friendliness

There are many aspects of NordVPN that make it a prime choice for a user-friendly VPN. NordVPN can be used to secure up to 6 devices on a single package at once. The VPN can be accessed on those devices anywhere, any time. Packages available are reasonably priced, with the cost reducing significantly the longer you decide to opt for the VPN.

The interface for NordVPN, in particular, is tailored towards user-friendliness. The whole concept is kept simple, from initial installation to first time use. Features, like the kill switch, are easy to use with simple controls that make setting up your preferences simple. Choosing servers only takes a few clicks, and many of the key integrated features, like SmartPlay, make streaming simple and straightforward.


NordVPN has be well-developed to make it simple and straightforward to use, without any compromises on the features that are available. The additions that NordVPN offer make it a versatile choice for online privacy and international streaming, with extensive privacy measures in place. For a VPN that feels like it can do it all, and continue to do so without performance impact, NordVPN is a very good choice.

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