VirtualShield Review


VirtualShield is a popular VPN that offers users the ability to keep their internet browsing secure, access international streaming services, and heighten the security when using home and hotspot WIFI. The VPN offers advanced features, both in the standard and VIP package, with a heavy focus on security over a varied selection of features.

One of the longest established VPNs in the world, VirtualShield is well-known for speed, performance, and high security. Like many leading VPNs, VirtualShield doesn’t store the browsing logs of its users.

Speed & Performance

VirtualShield offers a fast connection speed and easy access to the large number of servers that they have operating in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia. The connection speed is classed as ultra-fast, eliminating the problem that many users of VPN’s have with reduced speeds due to the additional stress of the VPN encryption.

If you’re after a more comprehensive package, and higher speeds, then there is also a VIP VirtualShield package available. Through the VIP package, users can get unparalleled speed, and additional features and support.

Security & Anonymity

The main aim of the VirtualShield VPN is to offer users added security, and many of the features of VirtualShield are centred around this. The identisafe privacy protection programme is one of the main security features provided by VirtualShield. The feature enables users to easily block their microphones and webcams and clear their browsing history. The addition of real-time monitoring through the identisafe privacy protection feature provides extra background protection for users.

Further add-ons, like the protection plus package, add yet another layer of security to the VirtualShield VPN. Through the protection plus package, DDos attacks are blocked and the VPN scans for threats from cyber-attacks.

User Friendliness

You can download the VirtualShield app to multiple different browsers and platforms, including commonly used, Windows, iPhone, Chrome, and Android. The VPN is designed for simplistic use, with the VirtualShield service doing most of the hard work for the users. The apps are easy to get used to, with click and connect server features, and no requirement for endless codes and passwords to gain access.

Through the family plan, up to 15 different devices can be secured and protected, with is a very impressive number. Alternatively, as VirtualShield is designed both for personal use and corporate use, there are additional plans designed for limitless users. The simple download process and 24/7 customer support make VirtualShield very user friendly.


VirtualShield is a simple to use and a highly effective VPN service. While it doesn’t offer such a wide range of features of some VPNs, or have such a large server base, it does keep things straightforward, focusing on one of the main reasons why so many people choose to use a VPN – security. The VPN is also very competitively priced for the extensive service that it does provide for internet security, with multiple options for user access and strong customer service. New users can also try out the VPN for free, during a one-month trial period.

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