VyprVPN Review


If you’re looking for a VPN that focuses on advanced security features and high levels of encryption, then VyprVPN is one of the best services around. The VPN takes the concern out of keeping your data safe when browsing the internet, keeps your connection secure when using public WIFI, and takes the standard privacy measures and enhances them for comprehensive protection.

The Swiss company has been providing VPN services for many years, with roots in the internet industry as far back as 1994. Currently, VyprVPN has over a million users and offers its subscribers access to servers in more than 70 locations across the globe.

Speed & Performance

There are many speed-related features of VyprVPN, including the ability to browse the net and stream videos without having to worry about throttling. The VPN is advertised as the world’s fastest, with optimised code, fully owned and operated infrastructure that eliminates the need for third parties, and engineers that work in-house to maintain network speed.

The VPN operates across 6 continents, has more than 700 servers for users to choose from, and allows access to more than 200,000 IP addresses. Performance on VyprVPN is maintained through the offer of unlimited speed without throttling, the unlimited ability to switch servers, and unlimited bandwidth with no caps on download.

Security & Anonymity

As security is a key feature of the overall VyprVPN package, it won’t come as a surprise that VyprVPN have an extensive array of security and privacy features. Users have the option of a variety of the common encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec, and L2TP, or the option of the Chameleon protocol. Chameleon is a protocol that stops VPN blocking, using the OpenVPN 256-bit encryption to scramble metadata.

Users of the VPN service get the benefit of a zero-knowledge DNS, which is an exclusive advantage of using VyprVPN. All VyprVPN connections are also protected behind an additional NAT firewall which adds an extra layer of protection for devices and routers.

User Friendliness

Many of the features of VyprVPN are quite advanced, but the design hasn’t excluded individuals unfamiliar with VPN use, or those that want to be able to manage their VPN easily. There is a full support team that can address any issues, and the ability to submit ideas for new features.

VyprVPN have designed their apps to be easy to use, with multiple clients supported, including IOS, routers, Windows, and Mac. VyprVPN can be integrated easily into other apps, like Feat VPN and Boxee, and there are full VPN guides available to browse. The VPN can also be tailored towards business use, with multiple plans available.


VyprVPN is a well-designed VPN that can protect multiple devices with a strong encryption. It’s ideal for families and businesses, as well as those who want the knowledge that their internet activity has additional protection, above and beyond what some VPNs offer online.

The fact that VyprVPN takes care of many of the main features in-house, with full ownership, is a major benefit that sets it apart from the crowd. The VPN also offers a free trial for new users, and a range of packages for personal and business use, allowing you to easily choose a plan to suit your needs.

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