PureVPN Review


A VPN can help to keep your data protected and make sure that your network is secure when you’re online, along with a whole host of additional features. PureVPN has been in operation for around 10 years, and currently has one of the largest accumulations of VPN servers around - a mix of physical servers and virtual location servers.

PureVPN is used by more than 1 million people every year to retain anonymity online and protect their connection and data whilst using the internet. The VPN is centred around offering complete freedom to browse the internet and grow your business, and around complete privacy.

Speed & Performance

A large part of the appeal of PureVPN is it’s offered speed and geographic diversity, providing a large number of servers across North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. The main server density is in Europe, with 349 servers in operation, and North America, with 210 servers in operation, although the total count of upwards of 750, provides plenty of options when using PureVPN.

All servers, covering 180 locations in 140 countries, are available for use, no matter the package that you choose when signing up to PureVPN. With the addition of engineered VPN performance that optimises the VPN for use on broadband connections, and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, all users can enjoy seamless performances and high global connection and usage speeds.

Security & Anonymity

PureVPN is able to support multiple VPN protocol types, giving users the diverse choices of PPTP, SSTP, IKeV2, and L2TP. For the most part, these utilise the 256-bit data encryption that PureVPN offer, a strong encryption that is used by many of the leading VPN providers. Users can opt for any protocol, including the fast and secure OpenVPN.

On top of the multiple protocols, PureVPN offers other key security and anonymity features, some of which are what you would expect as standard from a major VPN, and others that make PureVPN stand out from the crowd. Security is boosted for users with the internet kill switch, dedicated IP add-ons, IP switching with up to 88,000 IPs available, and WIFI security.

User Friendliness

While PureVPN may not be most well-known for its user-friendly design, it’s highly considerate to those that are new to using VPN services. Automatic protocol, for example, is available for easy selection, and it’s very simple to change servers, with no ISPS throttling. There is also the option of favourite selection, with the advanced smart purpose selection that PureVPN provides.

Users can enjoy 5 VPN logins at once, and a versatile connection, with more than 20 devices compatible with PureVPN. All software and apps are also designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind, with PureVPN offering apps for Windows, Android, and IOS, to name but a few.


PureVPN has an excellent number of servers and the option of many automatic and selection features, such as their split tunnelling feature for added online security. The VPN performs solidly, giving users everything they need with a few extra thrills on top for entertainment purposes, and just as extra peace of mind. Overall, PureVPN is a very good VPN to take for a test run.

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