HideMyAss Review


The HideMyAss VPN service is a standout addition to the VPN world, and not just because of the unorthodox but memorable name. With eye-catching branding, and some of the most popular VPN features, HideMyAss offers users an interesting yet effective way of hiding their identity online.

HideMyAss is the result of 11 years of VPN experience and has a large focus on security and user friendliness, as a member of the Avast security company family. The well-known VPN service has a lot to offer, especially when it comes down to server spread and density.

Speed & Performance

HideMyAss doesn’t have the largest number of VPN servers in the world, but it does have location on its side. The 760+ servers span more than 190 different countries, and more than 320 different locations. This offers users a high performance, with plenty of variety when it comes to utilising one of the key features of any VPN service – location change.

Users of HideMyAss are guaranteed a high-speed connection, with a reliable network connection and ultra-fast connection speeds. There are also no restrictions placed on downloads or unloads, with unlimited access for all users. A wide range of platforms are supported, including IOS, Linux, and Android.

Security & Anonymity

As part of the Avast family, it’ll come as no surprise that HideMyAss is big on security. The VPN offers private browsing features and secure WIFI access through public networks, fully encrypting the connection to eliminate public network interceptions.

HideMyAss also features IP leak protection and a secure OpenVPN encryption, to protect its users. The extensive number of servers and wide range of locations make anonymity simple with the HideMyAss VPN service.

User Friendliness

User friendliness is a big aspect of the HideMyAss VPN service, and what really sets it apart from a lot of the competition. Users benefit from 1-click access to the VPN, with three additional choices on how to connect: instant mode, location mode, and freedom mode. This puts a lot of control back in the hands of the user and is pretty easy to get to grips with from any of the HideMyAss apps.

Anyone who signs up to use HideMyAss can run the app on 5 separate devices at once and have access to support every day of the week. For individuals that have never used a VPN before, the simplistic approach that HideMyAss has taken makes getting used to the changes to browsing very easy.


The unquie direction that HideMyAss have gone in for their branding sets them apart immediately, but this is continued through to what the VPN is offering. HideMyAss may not be the most comprehensive VPN service around and the features may not be as varied as other services, but it delivers an exceptional performance when it comes to usability.

All the essential features are in place on HideMyAss, and it makes everything from entertainment access to network security incredibly simple. You can test out what HideMyAss is offering with a free trial, or take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee.

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