ZenMate Review


Utilized by more than 43.5 million users, ZenMate is one of the biggest names in VPN services. Through their VPN, you can remain completely anonymous online, with private browsing, IP protection, and international website unblocking.

Made in Germany, ZenMate offers a simple to use VPN service for newcomers to VPNs and advanced features for those looking to further increase their online security. As almost standard for high profile VPN services, ZenMate offers no logging, so internet browsing remains anonymous.

Speed & Performance

ZenMate operates in more than 30 countries around the around, with a large base of servers in and around Europe. A good number of servers are available, with more than 300 currently usable through ZenMate. This may not be as many as some of the other leading VPN services but is enough to ensure that ZenMate users are guaranteed plenty of choice and a high-speed connection.

There is a guaranteed 99.9% uptime when using ZenMate, along with the benefits of unlimited bandwidth and zero bandwidth throttling, for a higher performance. While ZenMate offers unrestricted speeds, the connectivity and speed experienced through ZenMate will large depend on your personal online connection speed.

Security & Anonymity

Both L2TP and IPSec encryption protocols are available through ZenMate, which offers a powerful 256-bit AES encryption – on par with many of the largest VPN providers. Zero traffic logging while using ZenMate maintains user anonymity, while added security is provide by the ability to switch between more than 3000 IP addresses that are shared on ZenMate, and the ability to switch to any ZenMate server at any time, without restriction.

Malware and Tracking protection comes as standard for all users on any of the ZenMate VPN packages, with unlimited P2P traffic, anonymous torrenting, and the ability to unblock censored apps, also offered to all users on the 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year package plans.

User Friendliness

There are many aspects of ZenMate that make it a prime choice for experienced VPN users and newbies alike. Premium customer support is available for all users, and there is a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service during the first two weeks of use.

The service can be downloaded for many popular systems, including Firefox, Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac, with apps that are easy and simple to get to grips with. If you’ve never used a VPN service before, then the 2 click unblock feature that ZenMate offers can make things very straightforward from the get-go.


ZenMate is a widely utilised VPN service with an outstanding number of users. It’s affordably priced and doesn’t require users to sign up for multiple years to get a highly discounted VPN service.

Much of what ZenMate has to offer is what many have come to expect from a leading VPN operator, but the extra additions make it an interesting choice. ZenMate is highly capable of keeping your connections safe, all while retaining good speeds and a simplified user experience that makes an introduction into the world of VPN a complete breeze.

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