SaferVPN Review


SaferVPN is a relative newcomer to the world of VPN services, only launching in 2013. However, the VPN is aptly equipped to keep users anonymous when connecting to and browsing the internet, as well as staying safe from potential privacy breaches.

In recent years, SaferVPN has become a popular option for individuals looking to access international streaming services, although SaferVPN still offers a number of high-quality security features.

The VPN operates on a no-log policy, ensuring that all browsing data, IP addresses, and activity, remain completely private. Their modern, clean, and easy-to-use website makes SaferVPN a prime choice for newcomers to VPN, who are just getting to grips with using a VPN on their desktop, mobiles, or other devices.

Speed & Performance

SaferVPN provides users with servers in more than 34 locations around the world, with a heavy presence around Europe. The total number of servers exceeds 700, improving the overall performance and speed of SaferVPN, and making it a viable option over competitors. This high speed translates into excellent performance for uploading and downloading files.

The VPN can be used on multiple clients, with apps readily available for platforms like IOS, Chrome, and Mac. Installation is very quick, and the whole process is incredibly smooth, as SaferVPN does most of the work for you. On top of a fast installation, connection is very simple, with high connection speeds and the ability to quickly select your server location.

Security & Anonymity

Security is a top priority on SaferVPN. Users are treated to exceptional levels of encryption with the 256-bit VPN encryption used by SaferVPN being one of the most advanced forms available on the market. The same encryption level is utilised by secure networks around the world, including those associated with banks and the military.

The security features provided by SaferVPN are varied and quite extensive, covering forward security, automatic WIFI security, and advanced VPN protocols. SaferVPN also offers straightforward kill switch controls, that eliminates your connection if the VPN goes down. From online identity concealment to metadata tacking avoidance, SaferVPN provide a comprehensive package for security, and especially the protection of online payments.

User Friendliness

SaferVPN set the tone of user friendliness with their well-designed and easy to use website layout. Their associated apps are equally as simple to get to grips with, with easy server control and the benefit of unlimited bandwidth providing full freedom.

The VPN is great for privacy and entertainment purposes, with support is provided 24/7 through live chat communication. Opting to use SaferVPN means that you can use all the major platforms seamlessly, with unlimited Chrome extension, and 5 simultaneous device connections.


SaferVPN is a diverse VPN service, spreading it’s features across security measures and increased online access, that allows it to cater to a wide variety of people after different things from their VPN. While the VPN doesn’t support P2P, it’s a very reasonably priced option, that will simply and easily introduce you to the world of VPN. If you not sure SaferVPN is right for you, then it’s certainly worth making use of their free trial option!

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